Jerry Cans Now In Stock


  1. According to DIN 7274 the can is made from 0.9 mm steel

  2. To prevent internal rusting the can is lined with petrol resistant resolic enamel

  3. Powder coating gives anti-corrosion protection and a smooth look. It is possible to produce cans in any colour from the RAL catalogue

  4. The wide channel breather enables even pouring time of less than 25 sec.

  5. Strip welding ensures handle strength

  6. Special holes in handle allows to attach pouring spout clip with screws

  7. Cam-locking closure is completely leak proof with the can in any position

  8. UN marking certifies compliance with Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulations

  9. Year stamp on the cap – shows year of production

  10. Internationally Patented Locking Pin gives additional security against accidental opening of the can

  11. Special markings can be arranged



SCREW CAP CAN with pouring spouts!

- EASY to open! EASY to close! - Produced to meet MILITARY STANDARDS - HIGH DURABILITY external powder coating - FUEL RESISTANT inside coating - SMOOTH POURING without pulsation - LONG LIFE expectancy - GALVANIZED STEEL CAP ensures high quality and strength - TEXTURED SURFACE ensures non-slip opening and closing - INCORPORATED MAGNET helps You to never lose the cap - NON-SPILL CLOSURE MADE IN EUROPE


Metal screw cap cans are used in many sectors: gardening, construction, auto-moto sector, forestry, agriculture, shipping and other segments. Screw cap cans - also female friendly!